July 9, 2020


If I work in a temporary position, will you take a cut of my pay?

No we do not take a cut of your pay. We agree a fixed fee with the employers which is paid directly to us.

How do I make a complaint?

Please fill in the form on the Contact Us page or contact us on 02038654781

How long will it take me to find a job?

We can not say how long it will take to get a job, because it is dependent on current vacancies and employers choice.

How do you identify suitable candidates from your database when you get a new position?

We spend a vast amount of time getting to know our candidates to create a detailed profile on our database, allowing us to identify the best candidate quickly and efficiently.

When London recruitment sends my CV to employers should I expect a call from London recruitment or the Employer?

It is dependent on the employer, if the employer has requested for us to arrange all the interviews we will contact you. If the employer wishes to contact you directly we will provide them with your contact details.

Will London recruitment be the only source of finding work or will I be sent to other agencies?

We also focus on creating as many avenues for you to successfully find employment. So we have teamed up with many other agencies to increase your chances of employment.

If I do not hear from a representative, am I to assume I was unsuccessful?

No, it just means we have not found your ideal placement as yet. We focus our attention and time on sourcing jobs to increase your chances.

What support will I receive as a candidate?

We provide as much support as the candidate requires. Types of support will include; CV writing, interview techniques, job sourcing, etc. We work on the policy if the candidate asks we are there to help.

Am I guaranteed to get a job by completing training?

We do not guarantee any positions, we simply work hand in hand with our training department to help candidates become fully compliant prior to processing your application.

If I am unsuccessful when applying for a position, will London Recruitment continue to help me?

We never stop helping our candidates. If a candidate was unsuccessful, we will try to find out why. We do always advise our candidates to apply for their own vacancies and sign up to as many agencies as possible to increase their chances of finding employment.