July 9, 2020

Terms & Conditions

London Recruitment promises to deliver the Training solutions to professional standards which are in accord with an agreed course syllabus and in line with any HSE regulations.

As part of this professional standard, London Recruitment will only use suitably Qualified Instructors to deliver the training solutions. All Training will be delivered in harmony with agreed course schedules. London Recruitment will use its own equipment where possible. Relevant course material will be provided for each student. The student will be expected to provide their own note books and writing tools. London Recruitment will endeavor to Train all students to a high standard and that all efforts will be made to help students that find learning in a course environment challenging through carrying out alternative teaching formats where possible. However London Recruitment will not be liable for students who fail to achieve the desired standards through a lack of application, attendance or learning difficulties.

Cancellations and refunds for short courses

Please be aware that due to the process of booking instructors and ensuring classes will run on schedule we are unable to give any refunds for any cancellations made after 7 days of booking the course, we have a 7 day cooling off period where a £50 administration charge of the full course price will apply. A failure to acknowledge this agreement will not affect the 7 day cooling off period and the level of refund permitted. All refunds are expected to take a maximum of 28 working days to be received. No refunds will be issued if the course is less than 3 working days away. No refunds will be issued if the course is not attended. No refunds will be issued if the course is attended.

Changes to short courses and Payments

Course dates can be changed without any charges, as long as there is more than 3 working days’ notice from the course date; or if due to injury or illness, a medical note is supplied. All course balances must be paid prior to the course, otherwise entry to the course may be refused.

Course Cancellations procedure for corporate clients

Cancellations for any course that is part of this agreement must be made at least 72 hours in advance by telephone and e-mail. In the event that a course cannot be run at the agreed day and time then London Recruitment will agree to notify the client 48 Hours in advance of such a cancellation and will provide an alternative course date. Failure to arrive at any course over 20 minutes late will result in not being permitted to enter that training. No refund will be given if you miss a course due to lateness. Please note as we prepare course materials and book your trainer deposits are non-refundable. The first full day of the 7day cooling off period starts from the date course is booked either in full or via deposit.

Responsibilities of the client

All students are expected to arrive on time for every training session and remain until each class is concluded. The client agrees to inform London Recruitment of any injuries or illnesses that may put the student or any other course attendee at risk to their health. If a student arrives over 25 minutes late for any class, they may not be allowed to enter, and will not receive a refund for their course.


London Recruitment does not guarantee employment to any student as a result of Purchasing and attending any of its training courses. However London Recruitment will where possible do its best to assist students that attend courses to find suitable employment. This will depend on suitability of the student to a client’s requirement, location and whether or not there are any suitable vacancies. London Recruitment reserves the right to select candidates for interviews with its clients or refuse to forward information regarding employment opportunities to any student who has purchased one or more of its courses. This applies to all courses run by London Recruitment.

Any complaints shall be done in writing to info@londonrecruitmentservice.com, please allow 7 days for a reply.